Borgo La Pievina

The Borgo La Pievina is located halfway between Asciano and Vescona and is just over 25 km from Siena.

The name Pievina comes from the presence of the church of San Giovanni Battista. Borgo La Pievina is mentioned for the first time in the territorial dispute of 715 between the bishops of Arezzo and those of Siena. In the early Middle Ages, Pievina was a lordship of the Counts of Scialenga, who ceded it to the monastery of Berardenga in 1023. It also included underneath the village of Vescona and the abbey of Santi Jacopo and Cristoforo in Rofeno. Between 1600 and the end of 1800 the Borgo La Pievina had about 130 inhabitants.
La Pievina is one of the four historical parishes that make up the territorial abbey of Monte Oliveto Maggiore.

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