Tuscan cuisine

Our kitchen, in typical Tuscan style, is the central place of the house where to cook the dishes, enjoy them in cheerful company with a large fireplace and a large table for spending hours of pleasure.

The Tuscan cuisine consists of simple dishes and traditional sweets that maintain their characteristics over time. Saltless bread distinguishes Tuscany from other regions. In Tuscany, the sacredness of bread, or the importance of not throwing it away is witnessed by a long series of ancient recipes still widespread: panzanella, ribollita, acquacotta, pappa al pomodoro, fettunta, vegetable soup, cabbage soup.

The excellence of Tuscan cuisine is also characterized by the meats: from the white ones, to the game, to those of pork and to the famous Chianina beef cattle , the fiorrentina steak and the “cinta senese”, Siena's saddleback pig. But let's not forget the products of the farm hive: chickens, turkeys, geese, guinea fowl, pigeons, rabbits. Among the game, hare, wild boar and pheasant have always been the menu of big parties. In particular, pork is used for salami and sausages, ham preserved in salt, sopresata and finocchiona.
Among the cheeses, the tradition focuses on Tuscan pecorino, the most famous is from Pienza; while we find the ricotta and the raveggiolo among the soft cheeses.

All seasoned with extra-virgin olive oil and accompanied by the superb Tuscan wine.

Finally, you can not miss the desserts, where the Sienese ones stand out: the panforte, the ricciarelli, the cavallucci, the cantucci with vin santo, the soup of the duke, the cake of Cecco and the migliacci.

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